Welcome to the RCellianist blog!

Initially I plan to make this blog private and personal, as this blog is supposed to be merely a progress tracker to many of the projects I would do. However, I believe that someone could actually learn from this. Therefore, I plan to make this as a school of RCellian lifestyle. Hopefully one could learn more about this lifestyle, and incorporate some bits of this to their life.

The goal of this school is not to teach anyone how to live their life. I do not want to impose my lifestyle on anyone else, especially because I value individualism, and I believe that people don’t fit into a single lifestyle. I would like this to be a place where you learn about how I do things, in order for you to think how you would do it yourself. I believe that is what school should be about.

“RCellianism” is focused on myself, thus the name. It is for my self-growth and cultivation of my lifestyle. However, I believe you can learn a lot from this as the RCellianism has a single goal — To live the life I want in the best way possible. I believe that goal can resonate with anyone. So there, as you browse through this blog I hope you learn many things that could improve you and make you nearer to the life you always wanted. Happy viewing!