In order to start the fast, I decided to give myself the last binge. I hope that would help me commit to the experiment.

Last Supper. McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Fillet ala King with rice topped with gravy, regular fries, and root beer float. Sorry for the ugly picture. Believe me, it’s freakin’ delicious.

Yep, that’s McDonald’s right there. Full of carbs, saturated fats and other tasty stuff. That’s the last meal I got for the day. I was planning of eating healthier stuff to prepare my body, but nah. I think I needed emotional support than nutrients, since during this week I have already eaten like a ton of proteins, veggies, and fruits. I also don’t have any nutritional deficiency to begin with (or so I believe. Lol). I believe that Mcdo would give me the boost to start the new day without food. 😛 Nothing can satisfy my cravings like Mcdo, you know. 

Or nah, not really, but I just love their stuff sometimes. Also I want to try their root beer float. 

I ate the food along with 2 pieces of chocolate crinkles given to me before I went to the store. I am actually planning to eat more food for my “last supper”, but I already felt so full due to binging early in the day. 😦 I tried buying their apple pie though, but sadly it isn’t available. I planned to buy food from the nearest convenience store, but that would take me more than 10 minutes, so there, I started my fast few minutes early.

During my last supper, I thought how full I am. I just felt like my stomach would burst open if I eat another meal. I just can’t imagine how the fatter me was able to rack much food into her body. I mean, it is actually much easier to eat less than eat more! My past self must have had terrible experiences that she turned into food for comfort. It’s not like I have a good relationship with food now, but maybe I have actually fixed some of my problems with it. Looking back, I was actually far better than before. 

I’ll now end this post as it is around 12 now. Let’s start the experiment!