I first felt “hunger” at around 4pm, when I was walking by the kiosks. This fast is great, as it makes me question my habits. Normally I buy egg sandwiches during the time but now I realize that I just buy because there is food around and not because I am really hungry. I felt a bit light-headed though, so during that time I was kinda wondering if I really needed food.

I have a parttime job at around 7, so I cannot go home yet. I stopped by the mall near my tutee’s house. Holy f—. I don’t know if there is any Chinese event or something but they sell a lot of mooncakes and other Chinese delicacies here, which I FREAKING LOVE. I can’t deny that my instinct when the first hint of the smell of mooncakes touched my nose was to grab my bag for money. Thank goodness I did not bring much money to help me with this fast. But hell, I started to crave something sweet.

I need to study so I cannot just walk around. So where else could I get a seat? THE FOOD COURT. The heavenly smell of waffles makes my tummy grumble. I know I am not hungry but I just want to eat, or just shove any food on my mouth. By this time I am questioning whether a 1-week binge before fasting is a good idea. Probably not. I decided to buy water. It turns out I am so dehydrated that it was what causing my light-headedness.

 I realized that I just drink whenever I am eating something. Hm. I should drink water more often.